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Did you know?

Handball! Ireland asked FIFA to let it enter the 2010 World Cup as the tournament’s 33rd team after Thierry Henry’s infamous handball helped France qualify for the competition at the expense of the Irish. Their request was denied!

2006 Zinedine Zidane, one of the greatest soccer players ever, is remembered for his last ever act on a soccer field during 2006 World Cup when he head butted Marco Materazzi in the chest which led to a red card as well as a farewell to professional soccer.

Switzerlands logo, ASF-SFV, represents the Swiss Football Association’s initials in Switzerland’s official languages: ASF represents both French (Association Suisse de Football) and Italian (Associazione Svizzera di Football), and SFV is German (Schweizerischer Fussballverband). In Romash, the association is abbreviated as ASB (Associaziun Svizra da Ballape).

Zinedine Zidane head butts Marco Materazzi in the 2006 World Cup