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Did you know?

The Madman Chilean coach Marcelo Bielsa, known as El Loco (‘The Madman’), once gave a four-hour press conference. He is known for watching and collecting numerous football videos to the point of obsession. John Carlin, an English journalist, has stated that Bielsa “has the most cultured library of soccer in the world.”

Unlucky mate Spanish goalkeeper Santiago Canizares was ruled out of the 2002 World Cup finals in May of that year, when the first-choice stopper dropped a bottle of aftershave in his hotel bathroom and a shard of glass cut the tendon in his big toe. “I do not consider myself to be unlucky by any manner of means,” Canizares said.

2x Spain have played Chile only twice in the World Cup. Once in 1950 when Spain won 2-0 and again in 2010 when the Spanish side won 2-1.

Spain beat Chile 2-1 in the 2010 World Cup