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Did you know?

Arrested Switzerland and Real Sociedad striker Haris Seferovic went out to celebrate his sides victory over Barcelona in February and ended up rowing with his girlfriend, getting arrested and sleeping it off (with his partner) in police cell.

The Pitbull Honduran midfielder Jorge Aarón Claros Juárez is known as ‘The Pitbull’ due to his strength. In 2011 Claros was shot in the head after thieves failed to steal his car. He was back playing for Club Deportivo Motaguahis after 15 days out.

40ºC Heat at the 1954 World Cup quarter final between Austria and Switzerland was so intense (40ºC) that one player got hyperthemia – the opposite of hypothermia – while another became disoriented and wandered off the pitch during the game. Austria ended up winning the game 7-5 (a World Cup record).

Footage from the 1954 World Cup Final in Sitzerland: